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The adult film industry is growing more and more, reaching a dimension of hundreds of billions of dollars. Today, adults from all over the world have access to erotic movies wherever they are and the technology trends (VR, AI) will transform the experience of watching these films.

What we see in adult movies of 2018

The pornographic industry has changed a lot since the boy who delivered pizza or sexy schoolgirl was the best role played by actors. What was seen as a used and low-budget film turned into a legitimate business, which regularly creates high-quality productions nowadays. In 2018 pornographic actresses were “promoted”, so we see women with management functions – after all SMART means SEXY!

Now, we recognize that it is a bit pulled by the tail to pretend that a new function, a new position or a sex toy will change your life, though… maybe for a short period of time. What we are suggesting is that some of the most important trends of the year are options to make the physical act more entertaining. This is play! Enjoy yourselves! Sex is fantastic when you feel good, so if you have to innovate, do it!

If you need a wider motivation, let’s see what the pornographic movies offer in 2018. A better way to go over the cold winter.

Virtual reality pornography

Industry experts say VR pornography or virtual reality startups will reach new odds in 2018. Virtual reality throws the viewer into a pornographic experience at a different level, where it feels like it’s in the same room as the interpreter, bringing the fantasy to much higher standards. Companies such as Naughty America and Camasutra VR experience virtual and 4k reality, which represents about four times the resolution of HD content.

“This is more of a millennial tendency in all areas,” the producers say.

Sex stars become Atreprenori

From now on, we’ll probably see more and more pornographic stars that will produce their own content, actors who take their career in their own hands and prefer to film directly for them.

“The greatest trend, both for me, as for my colleagues in this field, is to be the producer and director of his own script and not have to shoot for someone else,” says pornographic star Tasha Reign.

There are so many different sites where pornographic stars can film amateur at home, upload them online and so earn money. In these cases, the pornographic actors are the entire company.

Big budgets for action pornography or thriller

In The Battle of making people pay for pornography movies, websites have to offer something more and more ambitious. Pornographic stories are loaded with adrenaline doses, which helps to increase the heart rate, but of course the penis.

Many of the great films this year have explored different genres, such as horror films, action or psychological thrillers.

Fake Incest in adult movies

Whatever your opinion of incest, this will undoubtedly continue to be a top kind for pornography and in 2018.

The themes with family roles and scenarios in which they are “almost caught” were among the most popular online movies. Why? Because people love taboo. People are awakened by things that should not awaken them. There’s a lot of shame and guilt about it, but it’s just a fantasy and it has to be left in the bedroom.

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