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Circumcizie la nou nascut

Circumcision to the newborn born

Circumcision is the surgical procedure by which the foreskin is eliminated – that skin fold that covers the end of the penis. The foreskin is a double layer formed of skin and mucous membranes that somehow protect the head (gland) of the penis from the dryness and irritation that could be caused in contact with … Read more

Filme porno, noi trenduri

Adult movies, new trends in 2018

The adult film industry is growing more and more, reaching a dimension of hundreds of billions of dollars. Today, adults from all over the world have access to erotic movies wherever they are and the technology trends (VR, AI) will transform the experience of watching these films.

What we see in adult movies of 2018

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Tipsuri pentru o noapte fierbinte de valentines Day

Tips for a hot night of Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, couples are trying to decide how to surprise their partner, although everyone knows that the real gifts of this holiday are given in the bedroom! Whether you’ve recently found your mate and want to impress her, or have a partner for a long time, but you … Read more


Circumcision. Implications for sexual life

Circumcision is a subject increasingly discussed and often disputed nowadays. The blending of thorough medical information, demonitate myths or unjustified fears has most likely concerned any man at least once in his life. In the article below we go to the magazine the most important issues related to this topic. 1. What is circumcision? Circumcision … Read more

Penis size affects sexual behavours

How do men of today perceive their penis size?

Some men are worrying that their penis is too small and are insecure about their ability to satisfy their partners sexually because their doubts can have irritating effects on their potency. The reality is that your penis size affects your sexual behaviors. Penis size affects sexual behaviors Men with smaller penises were less likely to undress … Read more

Penis Enlargement

Why man consider having a penile augmentation

As an important area of penis surgeries, remarkable progress has been made in regard to the surgical technologies for penile augmentation operation in parallel with men’s attention and desire to have bigger penis as well as corresponding medical demands.

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Ingrijirea penisului

Phalloplasty or Penoplasty procedures

Even if aesthetic surgery began with procedures that involved the appearance and beauty of women, procedures which could and can be done on men should not be forgotten. The world is changing and people are changing too. In our clinic, since 2002, most of the aesthetic surgery procedures were performed on women and a few … Read more


Why 42% of women prefer a tasty dinner rather than sex?

Gentlemen, now you know where you place a dinner in a fancy restaurant. “Do you prefer an elegant dinner or having sex with your partner?” Over 6000 women were in demand: “would you prefer an elegant dinner or having sex with your partner?” “I choose dinner” responded 2 out of 5 women in the question … Read more


How important is penis size for women

If she will ever say that your “Endowment” is his King Kong size, try to not take it at all as a rating (see below why).  After all, we are much better equipped than primates to which they sometimes do.

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Penile augmentation by girth enhancement using no surgery

The procedure means creating 2 small puncture entries near the zone that has the fat deposits that we think to harvest. We start by infiltrating the areas and then proceed to suction using the Body-Jet Evo machine which is a tremendous help in this case. The fat is first infiltrated with a special solution and … Read more