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Circumcision is a subject increasingly discussed and often disputed nowadays.
The blending of thorough medical information, demonitate myths or unjustified fears has most likely concerned any man at least once in his life.
In the article below we go to the magazine the most important issues related to this topic.

1. What is circumcision?

Circumcision is the oldest surgical procedure performed over 10,000 years.

means surgical removal of excess foreskin covering the glans. Most of the time, circumcision is done for religious purposes by the mosaic or Muslim populations, but not only.

At Cosmedica, circumcision is a procedure very often performed both in small children (1-4 years usually), but also for adults. The most common cause is fimosis, which can be present in both children and adults. Another cause is infectious, through repeated episodes of Balanopotis, which signify inflammation of the gland and foreskin.

Circumcision can also keep you family tradition, personal hygiene or health care.
Circumcision becomes a medical necessity when the foreskin is too short, and in some areas of Africa it is recommended for older boys to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
The “American Pediatric Association” (AAP) mentions that the advantages of circumcision outweigh its risks. However, this association does not recommend that circumcision be performed as routine intervention for all newborn male, but leaves this decision in the hands of parents, supporting the use of anesthesia in the case of infants who are subjected to the procedure.

Among the advantages of circumcision on health is:
-Reducing the risk of penis cancer –although Less encountered, this type of cancer occurs rarely in circumcised men;
-Prevention of some diseases of the penis-sometimes the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis can be difficult or even impossible to retract, thus installing the fimosis, which can lead to inflammation of the foreskin or the head of the penis;
-Easier hygiene –a circumcised penis is easier to wash –it gets easier to the part of the preput;
-Reducing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases –although protected sex remains the safest method of prevention, circumcised men present a lower risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS;
-Lowering the risk of urinary tract infections –these infections, which in a serious form can lead to kidney problems, occur more frequently in uncircumcised men.

1.1. What are the implications of circumcision on sex life?

In general, circumcision does not affect fertility nor does it merit to alter the degree of sexual pleasure felt by circumcised men and their partners.
However, a study conducted in Turkey (by researcher Tembutin Senkul, urologist at “GATA Haydarpasa Training Hospital” in Istanbul) suggests that men who have been subjected to circumcision as adults have prolonged, on average, the duration of sexual intercourse with about 20 Seconds before the time they weren’t circumcised. Other researchers claim that the procedure makes the penis less sensitive, which could explain the 20-second difference, but the research on the subject is still in the work.
As for the partner of a circumcised man, a Danish study highlighted that women married to circumcised men pose a greater risk of having difficulty in reaching orgasm. However, as the study related to the 20 seconds, this study did not present definitive and clearly proven conclusions in support of this argument.
A beneficial effect of circumcision is that the condom sits better fixed on a circumcised penis and this is due to the foreskin which, being free to move during intercourse, causes the condom to remain in a fixed position, thereby avoiding contracting Sexually transmitted diseases or an unwanted pregnancy for the partner.

1.2. What is a circumcision surgery?

The circumcision operation consists in removing the excess skin of the foreskin that covers the glans. The procedure begins with the cleaning of the operating area, so that the foreskin can be retracted so that it can be cleaned out of the portion below it and remove the adherings.
With the help of a surgical clamp, the foreskin is positioned symmetrically in front, while another clamp is positioned transversely to secure the tip of the penis in the back.
The foreskin is removed with a scalpel or scissors, and the skin remaining around the head of the penis is sucted to the skin behind it.
The circumcision operation may occur either with peridural anesthesia, or with general anesthesia, and the recovery is very easy, the patient can leave the clinic where the intervention was performed at the latest after the next day, after urinating and with the following condition Physician’s recommendations.

1.3. What’s the price of a circumcision?

The price of circumcision varies in Romania depending on the age of intervention (new born versus adult), the existence or not of fimisis, the clinic where you choose to undergo this procedure, as well as the type of anesthesia used.
In The private clinic Cosmedica, circumcision with peridural anesthesia cost 500 EUR, and the one with general anesthesia, 700 EUR.

1.4. What are the advantages of a laser circumcision?

Laser circumcision is more efficient than the standard surgery that uses the scalpel, so that the radius of the ladder cuts and controls the bleeding better, obtaining a much more “clean” wound.
Laser intervention reduces pain and ensures rapid recovery.
The procedure makes possible the removal of precise portions of skin and membrane, the result being a pleasant one from an aesthetic point of view.
Laser circumcision lasts very little, about 10-15 minutes and it can be used for both children and adult patients.
Unlike conventional circumcision, laser circumcision is ideal for patients with blood disorders such as hemophilia.
As for side effects, laser circumcision shows no risk of infection, haemorrhage or other effects generally associated with standard circumcision.

Regardless of why you want to opt for circumcision, there is also a specialized clinic in Romania that will be available with complete information about this intervention.
The professionalism of the medical team, caring for the patient and focusing on the instigation of confidence in the beneficial outcome of the intervention make the “Cosmedica” the ideal place to undergo this procedure, be it with peridural or general anesthesia.
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