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COSMEDICA – The Center for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is one of the most modern and performing one in Romania

COSMEDICA is the first and only private clinic that provides the entire specialty of plastic surgery in Romania. Founded in 2002, the medical center has 22 beds, of which a number of 20 is intended for continuous hospitalization, and 2 beds for day hospitalization.

We are glad to share with you that we perform over 1000 surgeries every year.

Located in a building that has an inner courtyard with an automated electric gate, Cosmedica is secured by surveillance cameras positioned both in front of the building and in the back, with a parking lot with an area of 450sqm.

Cosmedica holds iso 9001:2008 certification and has an accreditation certificate issued by ANMCS, in the ACCREDITED category.

The clinic’s program is non-stop, the team is coordinated by Dr.Costache   Chertif,at the clinic presenting both patients in emergency regime and those in chronic condition, who need intervention for plastic and reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, burns and aesthetic surgery.

Having an experience of over 30 years in hand surgery, Dr.C.Chertif has positioned the COSMEDICA Clinic in the only private center specialized in hand surgery in Romania, which is recognized and accredited by FESSH – European edition of Hand Surgery Societies.

Initially, more than 17 years ago, COSMEDIA was established to provide aesthetic surgery services, so this field remains one of the favorite areas of our activity. We practice affordable prices, advantageous for the work done to obtain extraordinary results, so the last years have meant numerous requests from patients in our country, but also from abroad.

Before the surgical interventions, our patients must download and fill in the sheet with their personal data, after which they will pass it on to the doctor chosen to perform the operation.

The patient record can be downloaded at any time – the ideal is that it is read by patients after they have been scheduled for the intervention and completed before arriving at the clinic.

The term plastica comes from the Greek plassein,which means to render the shape or to shape. The roots are the biology and healing of wounds, the trunk means care, while the branches represent the knowledge of repair techniques .

Due to the importance of reconstruction, plastic surgery was also joined by the term reconstructive. In most situations, the plastic surgeon will be asked for the skills, knowledge and skill to repair cases in which surgeons of another specialization have failed.

Aesthetic surgery is one of the branches of plastic surgery . It is no surprise   that, in recent decades, it has enjoyed a real success, sympathy and an impressive interest from those who want a new look, to be younger, more attractive.

Patients who go through the clinic and benefit from our treatments and procedures are amazed by the results obtained when you are in the hands of an experienced aesthetic surgeon.

The purpose of plastic and cosmetic surgery is to fulfill the aesthetic desires of the applicant customers . In this situation,the plastic surgeon has the role of a sculptor who uses his skill to turn the patients’ vision into reality, with his hands, mind and heart.

We are waiting for you to work together on your dream!


VIP lounges

All VIP lounges require increased comfort being equipped with new furniture, TV, air conditioning adjustable in intensity and temperature, WI-FI internet, beverage coolers, hair dryer, private bathroom. Since patient safety is our priority, the custom-made wooden beds made in Germany by the famous company WISSNER-BOSSERHOFF have been chosen for the endowment of the two VIP salons.

Salon VIP Cosmedica
Salon VIP Cosmedica

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