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We believe that an informed patient will often be a patient satisfied with the result, so our intention is for this site to be primarily informative. Thanks to this idea, the Frequently Asked Questions section can be a real help to give you a more detailed view of the procedure you are interested in and also to help you in the final decision. Each patient may have a personal opinion about a cosmetic surgery procedure, but this can be supported by a more realistic interpretation. Therefore, there is a set of standard questions that will suit any procedure: what can offer that operation, how to prepare, what type of anesthesia will be used, what complications may occur, what is the recovery period, etc. In addition, we guarantee that each patient, after studying the details of what that operation entails, will have his own set of questions, which may not be found in the case of other patients, because everyone can have a vision and different opinion. Our intention is for this site to be as accurate, complete and friendly as possible. So we have chosen the most frequent and eloquent questions that patients have asked in the last 10 years for each procedure or operation and we have tried to be as concise as possible, but also to make you understand what they can offer. We encourage you to tell us your opinion and do not be shy to ask anything you think is of real interest, because we are here for you. Thank you for your trust !

Dorsal Elongation
Thickening of the penis
Ventral Elongation

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