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Frequently asked questions about Ventral Elongation

Read the answers given by Dr. Mihai Chertif to the most common questions of the patients of the Cosmedica clinic about the procedure of Ventral Elongation of the penis.

1. What is the principle of this operation?

– This technique represents the possibility to highlight the ventral base of the corpora cavernosa. With very few exceptions, the scrotum tends to fit quite low on the surface of the corpora cavernosa. Therefore, in the vast majority of men, the peno-scrotal junction has a hypertrophy and also a ventral mood. Ventral elongation can be performed in 2 techniques depending on the hypertrophy, mood and laxity of the scrotum: Z-plasty – which involves deepening the scrotum through a plastic procedure or peno-scrotal webbing </ b > – which involves an excision of the scrotum and a suture to deepen the penoscrotal junction. In this way, those 3-4 cm from the base of the corpora cavernosa, which are often covered by the skin of the scrotum, will be discovered and thus the ventral length of the penis will increase.

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2. Can both ventral elongation, dorsal elongation and thickening of the penis be performed in the same operation?

– Yes, the 3 can be done together.

The procedure for ventral elongation of the penis is usually recommended when opting for dorsal elongation. If we sit and think better, with the advancement of the corpora cavernosa by dorsal elongation, the penis descends with it and the skin of the scrotum. Therefore, in conjunction with the dorsal elongation, the ventral elongation will complete the first by deepening the scrotum and in this way the effect will be maximum and at the same time will produce an aesthetic aspect of the operation.

If the ventral elongation is practiced separately from the dorsal elongation, the penis will look longer only on the ventral face.

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3. What anesthesia does ventral elongation require?

– If performed individually, ventral elongation can only withstand local wide-awake anesthesia. Since it is usually associated with dorsal elongation, it is subjected to regional or general anesthesia, but even in this case the infiltration of the dissection trance of the scrotum with local anesthetic combined with adrenaline will be used for the vasoconstrictor effect which is particularly important for this region.

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4. What is the difference between ventral and dorsal elongation?

– Ventral elongation is performed in the area between the scrotum and the skin of the corpora cavernosa and will involve deepening the scrotum, while dorsal elongation involves the release of the corpora cavernosa from the pubic bone by sectioning and blocking the suspensory ligament. From all points of view the 2 procedures are completely different.

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5. What complications can occur after ventral elongation?

– The most feared complication would be hematoma. The scrotum is a very well vascularized structure and sometimes no matter how much hemostasis is practiced, a subcutaneous hematological infiltration still occurs. That is why we advise the patient to have 2-3 days of rest lying down and intermittently applying ice and creams or gels that reduce bruising. Pathological infection or scarring is extremely rare.

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6. What will the scar look like after the ventral elongation of the penis? Where will it be made? Is it possible to see?

– Regardless of which procedure is chosen (Z-plasty vs webbing) the scar will be almost imperceptible after reaching maturity, even if the area remains free of hair. The principle would be that this will be done on the area of ​​the old raffle and thus should not in any case cause unsightly problems.

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7. How much can you earn with this procedure?

– About 2-3 cm. If ventral elongation is not associated with dorsal elongation, this gain is only optical, not functional.

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8. What is the recovery period after ventral elongation?

– We usually recommend that patients have a few days to stay longer, applying ice and creams or gels that reduce bruising and also be able to remove the threads or sutures every 7 days. Otherwise, the suture is managed like any other suture, not involving special conditions.

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9. How do I prepare for the ventral penis lengthening procedure?

– Our indication is related to the complete removal of hair and then 3-4 days before the procedure to decontaminate the penis and scrotum area in the shower with an antibacterial skin solution (Betadine, Chlorhexidine, etc.)

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10. What is the cost of this ventral elongation operation?

– The cost of this procedure starts from 400 euros all inclusive until healing.

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