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Regenerative medicine and regenerative surgery is a field that keeps growing all over the world by the minute. The possibility to give the same or even better results and with less downtime, less risks and less financial support from the patients it has a great appeal.

Back in the last 10-15 years we used autologous dermal grafts for the girth enhancement, that were harvested from the subgluteal fold, prepared and then interpositioned under the superficial fascia (Dartos fascia). Along with it, to obtain better results and to decrease the risk of adhesions we had to do also the circumcision because the suture of the dermal graft near the coronal fold could create such complications. This is a surgery which takes approximately 3 ours. The patient has to be put first onto ventral decubiti to harvest the grafts, then roll over onto dorsal decubiti, to perform the lengthening procedure if that was involved too, then the circumcision and lastly the dermal grafts.

Nowadays, if the patient has about 100 ml of fat which can be harvested almost from anywhere, we can enhance the girth by doing the liposuction first, processing the fat and then re-inject it under the superficial penile fascia in order to obtain a better thickness. The procedure takes about 45 minutes, can be done with local anaesthesia with sedation or epidural anaesthesia with sedation if needed. The main advantage is that it doesn’t require any incisions, any dissection, any coagulation process and sutures like in the first case and like in any other surgery. It means to do 2 small punctures from where we can harvest the fat and 2 others, smaller that the first ones, from where we can inject the fat.

So this means NO SURGERY. Almost every guy has some fat deposits somewhere over the thighs, the abdomen, the flanks or the lumbar areas. Even those that are heavy bodybuilders or top level athletes, have some fat on the buttocks, so in 95 % we can harvest the fat with no problems. However, in the extreme cases when the patients are very slim , we suggest to think about the dermal grafts procedure or to try to gain some fat with a bad diet.

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