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Some men are worrying that their penis is too small and are insecure about their ability to satisfy their partners sexually because their doubts can have irritating effects on their potency. The reality is that your penis size affects your sexual behaviors.

Penis size affects sexual behaviors

Men with smaller penises were less likely to undress in front of their partner and more likely to try to hide their penis during sex. The insecurity and doubts on their sexual appeals would be almost the same to those of women who have reluctance to show their bodies to sexual partners if they consider their breasts to be small.

Men who perceive their penis size as small feel embarrassment and fear of being mocked and thus are socially withdrawn and isolated. As aforementioned, penis size is very much related to body image.

Men who were dissatisfied with their penis size experienced premature ejaculation more frequently

Researchers have also found that those who are dissatisfied with their bodies have fewer sexual experiences, engage in fewer types of sexual activities, feel less sexually desirable, and experience more sexual problems than those who are satisfied with their bodies. During sexual situations, those with poor body image also experience lower sexual self-esteem and assertiveness and greater sexual avoidance and anxiety. According to the survey of several thousands of Finnish men who aged 19-49 years, higher levels of genital satisfaction correlated with better sexual functioning and higher frequencies of sexual behavior. Men who were satisfied with their genitals reported significantly higher frequencies of kissing, petting, oral sex and vaginal intercourse. Men who were dissatisfied with their penis size experienced premature ejaculation more frequently and decreased erectile function.

Fear and anxiety about penis size might also arise after the breakdown of a relationship with a partner or after derogatory or malicious remarks made by the partner during sexual activities. For instance, the receptive partner might report that she or he cannot feel the man inside during sexual intercourse. This might lead to poor sexual self-confidence, with a tendency to feel inadequate in vulnerable public situations, and this in turn might prevent the man from establishing further intimate relationships.

The relation between penis size and manhood, masculinity and virility

Men’s concerns about penis size are fueled by cultural messages that a large penis is relate to manhood, masculinity and virility. Popular media, such as TV and men’s magazines, frequently emphasize the connection between penis size and masculinity. Especially, pornographic movies and web sites featuring men with very large penises reinforce the cultural message associating large penis size and masculinity.

Female actress exaggerated sexual responses to overly endowed male actors in these pornographic images may also convince men that women have strong preferences for large penises. Most men are aware that the penises in these pornographic images are atypically large, but persistent exposure to these images may cause men to underestimate the size of their own penises. Men’s worry about their personal inadequacies has created a large market for penis enlargement products and procedures.

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