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I want to enlarge my penis? What steps should I take?

If you are thinking of having an operation or penis enlargemen t procedure, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to be very well informed about what we can offer you.

  1. For this please read carefully the explanations from the procedures about everything that means a penis enlargement by dorsal elongation, ventral and thickening using your own fat or dermis .
  2. Once you understand what I mean, you can make a list of the questions you have and then send us a set of pictures as clear as possible from the front and profile, without underwear for to see where we can harvest fat and if we need to harvest fat from the suprapubic region for the best possible appearance of the intimate region. Please also attach a phone number where we can contact you after reviewing the pictures along with the procedure request you thought of .
  3. On the phone we will be able to explain each procedure in detail based on what you have read and especially to answer your questions on time . This way you will be able to gain time and understand much better what the procedure of penis enlargement by surgery or penis enlargement without surgery involves and what you have to do before to prepare it properly because we are a team of professionals. who do this operation very often and we are interested in controlling even the smallest detail.

The email you send to must contain the following :

  1. List your questions about the procedure you want to do
  2. Set of clearest pictures of the face and profile showing the abdomen and thighs, without underwear
  3. Your contact details so that you can be called by the doctor together with your personal details (age, address, occupation, history of illness / illness, treatments / hospitalizations / operations / allergies, etc.).

How your positions should be in the set of pictures you send to us (NOTE – from chest to knee)

I want to enlarge my penis? What steps should I take?

Example of an email received from a standard patient:

  1. “Hello, my name is A.M, I’m 25 years old and I want a penis enlargement surgery because I think it can change my life. I want to do dorsal elongation, ventral and thickening / dorsal elongation and thickening / only fat thickening. I read what I have to do and what I need to know about each procedure. I don’t know if I’m allergic to anything until now, I haven’t had any surgery / if they were, it’s good to specify / I don’t know if I have significant health problems at the moment or if they have been in the past / if they were or are at the moment present, please specify. I work like… .., I have a certain period available…. and I want to be contacted to clarify some details and make an appointment for the intervention. You can see the required pictures in the attachment.
    Thank you. ”
  2. “Hello, I’ve read about your penis enlargement possibilities and since I don’t have the time of about 3 weeks for a recovery in case of dorsal extension of the penis, I want to perform only the penis enlargement without surgery , by fat injection. I would like the set of analyzes so that we can then make an appointment. In the attachment you can study my pictures. Thanks ”

Clinic recommendations

Since you are going to a cosmetic surgery clinic, it is very important to understand that these procedures in the field of intimate surgery must be addressed so that there is a medical indication . The techniques in our arsenal propose an aesthetic approach for improving the appearance of the penis and the adjacent region. If we are to make a comparison with women who want to enlarge their breasts with implants or change the appearance of the breasts through a lifting or reduction procedure, it is very important and in these cases to have a medical indication for what that patient wants.

In the case of men who want to enlarge the penis, the medical indication implies a small congenital penis, the existence of the locker room syndrome or a mismatch of the couple from a sexual point of view. Unlike women who have fairly well-contoured and projected breasts, an augmentation with implants would be an inappropriate choice for men, except in situations where the penis is much above average size, an improvement in appearance and also a regain or increase of respect. of itself is welcome.

From an anatomical point of view, the erect penis has a length between 11 and 15 cm. These dimensions are considered normal because the vagina has the same length. If the partners are normally developed, most of the time the difference is made by the circumference of the vagina. Very often after the physiological births (transvaginal birth) the muscles around the vagina suffer a considerable distension that can lead to a relaxation of it. At the same time, the vaginal cavity will become larger and wider, especially when the maximum arousal is reached during sexual intercourse. From now on, the same partner may no longer offer the same pleasure to his partner.

80% of men have a relatively small penis in a relaxed position that reaches a large size in erection making this difference between the 2 states very large. 20% of men have a fairly large penis in a relaxed position that will not increase much in erection, being very close in size to the penis of those whose difference between relaxed state and erection is very large. So the vast majority of these men can suffer from locker room syndrome. This means that when they take a shower at a gym or a pool, they are ashamed to sit naked in the presence of other men due to a slightly smaller penis in a relaxed position.
For these 2 conditions mentioned above (partners who at one point are not as compatible as they were before due to the relaxation of the walls of the partner’s vagina after birth or those suffering from locker room syndrome) penis enlargement is the solution ideal. This increase in circumference actually means the thickening procedure. These patients do not have a small congenital penis and for them this procedure is the most appropriate. The thickness of the penis can increase by 3-4 cm after just a thickening session with its own fat.

Thickening the penis with its own fat is the best way to improve the aesthetic appearance and also to increase the quality of intimate contact.
Cosmetic procedures for penis enlargement have nothing to do with penis function. The function of the penis is given by the capacity, quality and duration of the erection and the period until the orgasm is reached. In other words, erectile dysfunction or ejaculation disorders cannot be treated. Whatever sexual performance the patient presents, the aesthetic procedures will neither improve nor abolish them. However, a larger penis will certainly be able to provide a higher quality than the preoperative period during sexual intercourse, as long as the partner has no dysfunction.

Patients who are born with a small congenital penis, which has an erect length of less than 12 cm and less than 9 cm in circumference, are candidates for both the thickening and elongation procedures. In these situations, it is considered that any gain, no matter how small, can provide the benefit that the patient is looking for.

Our conclusion is that surgical procedures for penis enlargement or those that can enlarge the penis without surgery are done in accordance with the medical indication. This can be established following very clear pictures according to our requirements or a consultation (optimal option).

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