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Due to his experience in phaloplasty, Dr. Mihai Chertif was invited to give presentations at the center in Milan where over 300 penis enlargement procedures are performed annually. During the course he gave a presentation on penis lengthening techniques and on Cosmedica’s experience of fattening the penis with fat.

Regenerative medicine procedures have been used since 2000 at the Cosmedic Clinic, for procedures such as: buttock enlargement, correction of underage scars, breast augmentation and reconstruction and for facial rejuvenation.

Penis enlargement with fat is the most performed regenerative medicine procedure performed in Cosmedica, and its success has led to the development of new techniques that favor the rate of fat retention. Body jet Evo liposuction, we started to use this system more and more for penis enlargement, and at this moment the fat retention rate is about 70%, which means that very few patients return after a period of several months for a completion.

Dr. Mihai Chertif

Dr. Mihai Chertif

specialist in Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery and Aesthetics


Following the career of his father, Dr. Costache Chertif, a well-known Romanian plastic surgeon, Dr. Mihai Chertif graduated from the “Iuliu Hatieganu” Faculty of General Medicine in Cluj-Napoca, and since 2008 he has been working in the largest private plastic surgery clinic. and aesthetics from Maramures – Cosmedic Clinic.

At the same time, Dr. Mihai Chertif also works in the Plastic Surgery Department at the County Hospital in Baia Mare, where he worked with his father, learning the principles of plastic surgery but especially the responsibility imposed by the medical profession. However, the main lesson learned from his father was that in medicine, it is nothing more important than daily, to unconditionally help all patients who cross your doorstep.

Having a rich professional experience, gained in clinics in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Germany or Italy, Dr. Mihai Chertif believes that what differentiates a good doctor from an exceptional one are the hours of medical practice conducted in exchanges of experience around the world. . This is the reason why he participates annually in exchanges of experience in countries throughout Europe.

The first experience was in Munich, Germany, at the Rechts der Isar clinic where he worked with Prof. Yves Harder for 3 months as a resident doctor at the operating room.
Dr. Mihai Chertif had the opportunity to participate in extremely complex reconstructive operations, which are rarely or very rarely performed in Romania.
The next destination was Turin, Italy, at CTO Ospedale, where he worked with Dr. Bruno Battiston, Dr. Pierluigi Tos and Dr. Paolo Titolo, who specialize in hand surgery, especially traumatology and soft tissue pathology.

Then came Bad Neustadt and der Saale in Germany. Bad Neustadt is the largest hand surgery clinic in Germany. More than 30 cases are operated daily and no less than 100 patients are consulted every day.

Regarding the Cosmic Clinic in Baia Mare, the vast majority of surgeries in which Dr. Mihai Chertif is involved are in the field of hand surgery and cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeries include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift or reduction.

The high demand for penis enlargement procedures, which means using the patient’s fat, and Dr. Mihai Chertif’s inclination towards regenerative medicine, has led to the development of penis lengthening procedures in addition to thickening. Starting with 2014, the phalloplasty procedures became the number 1 operation at Cosmedica, which led Dr. Mihai Chertif even more towards an overspecialization for this operation. In the last 2 years, Cosmedica has performed over 250 penis enlargement surgeries.

Dr. Costache Chertif

Dr. Costache Chertif

specialist in Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery and Aesthetics

Dr. Costache Chertif is a specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the founder of the Cosmedica Clinic, private clinic No. 1 from Maramures in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

– Member of the Romanian Society of Hand Surgery (RSSH)
– Founding member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Romania (ROPS) – vice president
– Member of the Reconstructive Surgery Society
– Member of the Romanian Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery
– Member of the Romanian Society of Aesthetic Surgery
– Member of the European Hand Surgery Society – FESSH – representative of the Romanian Hand Surgery Society in the Hand Surgery Committee – HTC-FESSH


2007-2010 – University Lecturer Faculty of General Medicine – Vasile Goldis University – Baia Mare Branch
2003-2010 – PhD student in the specialty of plastic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery
2007-2010 – Chief physician of the Plastic Surgery Reconstructive Microsurgery department – Baia Mare County Emergency Hospital
1992-2007 – Primary doctor plastic surgery reconstructive microsurgery – Baia Mare County Emergency Hospital
2000-2004 – Deputy Director of DSP Maramures
2000-2004 – County Councilor – Maramures County Council
2003- 2010 – Primary care physician at the private clinic Che Cosmedica – plastic surgery reconstructive microsurgery
1988-1991 – Resident Doctor of the Clinic of Surgeons and Reparative Plastic Surgery – Bucharest – Professor Agrippa Ionescu
1984-1988 – Trainee doctor at Baia Mare County Hospital, respectively – DMC doctor – Ruscova, Maramures county
1977-1983 – University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Walls
1974-1977 – Military service
1970-1974 – Ioan Slavici High School – Panciu


Dr. med. Priv. Mihai Chertif

Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr. Costache Chertif

Primary care physician in plastic and reconstructive surgery

Lead team

Sidonia Filip

Economic manager

Medical assistants

Muresan Roxana

Medical assistant

Vaszi Eduard

Balneo-physio-physiotherapy medical assistant

Ioana Sabo

Medical assistant

Marian Talos

Operator block assistant medical

Cotiu Alin

Medical assistant

Gheighis Ancuta

Operator block nurse

Tornai Krisztina

Medical assistant

Vlad Marcus

Operator block assistant medical


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    • Hello Mr.Tony,

      Thank you for you message and for your interest in our services.

      Nowadays it is possible to surgically increase the length and girth of the penis with minimally invasive, standardized techniques.

      Penile lengthening is carried out through the division of the suspensory ligament, in order to allow the forward movement of the corpora; while the most common technique for penile girth enhancement consists of autologous fat transfer, whereby adipose tissue harvested from areas such as the hips is grafted into the dartos fascia of the penis, with no involvement of the erectile tissues.

      The main advantage of autologous fat grafting is the use of the patient’s own adipose tissue; on the other hand materials such as non-absorbable fillers, porcine dermis, or alloderm have shown such a high rate of complications, and results so poor as to discourage their use.

      Penile Lenghtening
      The term “Designer Laser Phalloplasty” refers to a combination of procedures the surgeon may use depending on the result the patient is looking for, eg penile lengthening, girth enhancement, or both. In order to obtain the desired result, the following procedures are available:

      Laser division of the suspensory ligament by Monopolar Ellman 4.0MHz forceps- Dorsal lengthening
      Suprapubic cutaneous laser-plastic surgery (V-Y flap surgery) – Dorsal lengthening
      Suprapubic vibroliposculpture (suprapubic lipectomy)
      Penoscrotal cutaneous plastic surgery
      Combined lipo-sculpture of the penis (girth enhancement)

      Laser penoplasty is the term used to describe surgical penile lengthening. The suspensory ligament is a deep-seated anatomical structure located between the corpora and the pubic bone; its severing allows the forward movement of the corpora thereby increasing the visibile portion of the penis. The result largely depends on the consistency of the ligament itself: the thicker the ligament, the greater the gain in terms of length. Results typically vary between +1 ÷ +3 cm and are visibile in rest condition (100%) and in the erect state (40%).

      The thickness of the suspensory ligament varies among men and cannot be fully appreciated at ultrasound or clinical exam because as we said it is a deep-seated structure, partially hidden by the pubic bone; however, the result of the procedure can be predicted based on the ultrasound measurement of the ligament’s most superficial, visibile part, and by comparing this value with our statistical database.

      Suprapubic Lipectomy
      In men with an aboundant suprapubic fat pad the penis usually looks shorter than it really is. This condition affects overweight (“hidden/buried penis”) but also normal- or even under-weight subjects, and is associated with individual patterns of fat deposit. The suprapubic water jet assisted liposuction (suprapubic lipectomy) is the procedure of choice. The excess adipose tissue is removed through very thin cannulae, while the water jet contributes to the melting and easier removal of the fat. Water jet assisted liposuction is highly recommended because male fat is more consistent than female’s and thus, the cannula will move more easily through the suprapubic fatty and fascial tissue without making any haematomas and ecchymosis. The result of the procedure is the flattening of the suprapubic area, which in turn results in a visual increment of the penile length-even though the penis is not directly involved in the procedure.

      Girth Enhancement
      The procedure consists of three phases: 
#1 Fat Harvesting
Adipose tissue is harvested from the suprapubic area or from the abdomen and/or hips/thighs, using very thin, blunt-tip cannulae. 
#2 Fat Treatment
Harvested fat is purified by centrifugation (Coleman technique) in order to eliminate blood, oil and infiltration materials and drastically reduce the risk of fat loss after graft.
#3 Uniform grafting of the adipose cells into the dartos fascia through minuscule incisions at the base of the penis. Hair regrowth will ensure that incisions be invisible.

      We usually graft more fat than strictly necessary (hypercorrection) to compensate for the physiological
      20-30% fat loss that will occur during the first few months after the procedure. In most cases there will be no further loss, however due to subjective, unpredictable factors (eg metabolism, lifestyle) few patients may require a top-up, which can be carried out at special conditions using the same procedure.

      The dorsal lengthening is a procedure for which we require a period of stay within the city limits of at least 7 days postoperatively in order to be able to guarantee the safeness of the result because in this period the patient can come everyday or once in a couple of days to check-ups and dressing changings. The first 1-2 days after surgery the patient remains in the clinic and the rest until 7 days can remain in the clinic as well or can choose for a pension or a hotel in the city. In order to reduce as best as possible the risk of forming any haematomas or seromas in the space created after ligaments release we use a drain for a few days which will absorb all the fluids and that’s why we require to be able to see the patient for this period postoperatively. For all our international foreign patients it would be rather uncomfortable, other than being not advisable, to undertake a long trip on the next 2-3 days, because we cannot assume any responsability if anything goes wrong with the surgery. For this reason, our clinic offers the option of booking single or double rooms in good quality hotels close by, in order to rest and then undertake the return journey in the next 7 days. Many of our international foreign patients want to be spoiled and want to benefit the whole postoperative package in safe conditions regarding to food and services, so they opt to remain in the clinic in this period. It is possible to obtain a hotel booking service through the clinic secretary.

The form of anaesthesia used is discussed in advance with the anaesthesiology team, who will consider the duration of the operation, the characteristics of the patient, the results of blood and instrumental tests required and last but not least the preferences of the patient himself.
      The anaesthesiology team is adequately trained to provide the necessary pre and post- surgical assistance and is capable of using every modern anaesthe- siology technique specific for each operation performed. This task is performed through the application of rigorous principles of “painless surgery”, which allows the patient to serenely endure the wait, the surgical part and the postope-
      rative course, drastically eliminating or reducing the perception of pain, which is always a typical source of anguish.

      You can check some pre and post op cases here:

      Our Institution
      Consultations, surgical operations and post-operative assessments are performed at Cosmedica Clinic, Baia Mare, George Cosbuc street 52.

      Our institution was set up in 2002 for a specific aim: to guarantee the most absolute privacy and to personally handle the patient in every phase of his stay in our centre. In fact check-ups and surgery of the intimate regions of our body particularly involve our emotive sphere and need privacy and assistance different from that which can be given in a big Nursing Home furnished with many hospital beds and a continuous turnover of patients and personnel.

      The Institute is composed of a day surgical unit, where male and female sex design operations are performed. The operating theatre is authorised to perform operations under general anaesthetic. The surgical block is perfectly kitted and furnished with beds for post-operative monitoring.

      The total cost of genital aesthetic-plastic surgery is made up of the sum of a series of items which comprise of the surgical fee, the assistance and assistants, cost of the anesthesia service, materials used and extras, the cost of the operating theater and hospitalization in the surgical unit. All these items have a cost and if we want to operate in a center that safeguards security and sterility we have to consider them:

      for laser Phalloplasty(dorsal lengthening) only , the price, including each items, starts from 1500 euros
      for dorsal and ventral lengthening, the price starts from 1800 euros
      for penis enlargement only (combined lipopenostructure), the price starts from 1000 euros
      for dosal lengthening and girth enhancement at same time the total amount, all inclusive, starts from 1800 euros
      for dorsal lengthening, ventral lengthening, girth enhancement, the price starts from 2000 euros
      for dorsal lengthening, ventral lengthening, girth enhancement and suprapubic water jet assisted liposuction, the price starts from 2300 euros

      The prices above include everything (surgery, anaesthesia, hospital stay related to procedure and doctor indication as standard conditions, services, check-ups, dressing changings).
      The prices does not include VIP hospital rooms, compression garment or option for type of anaesthesia.

      Best regards,
      Michael Chertif, MD

      Institution Address:
      Cosmedica Clinic
      George Cosbuc 52
      Baia Mare

    • Hello,

      Thanks a lot for your visit on our website and for your interest in our services.

      I would like to inform you that I choose to use the patient’s own fat because other products don’t offer any reliable results on a long term. More to that, is that the rate of aesthetic and functional complications is much higher with foreign products than with patient’s own tissues.
      If you are interest to know more about your situation, you can send us a few photos as clear as possible from the front and lateral views with the abdomen and thighs and no underwear along with a medical history and I’ll confirm if you are a good candidate to for a penis enhancement with lipofilling.


      Michael Chertif M.D
      Cosmedica Clinic

  1. Hi I’m interested in penis lengthening, how much is this, and what would the result be

    • Hello, Mr. McCarthy,

      Thanks for your interest in our services.

      Normally I recommend the lengthening procedures in a patient that has micropenia, which means the length of the penis in erectile state is under 10cm. If this is the case, my indication would be for a dorsal lengthening ( fundiform and suspensory ligaments release ) and ventral lengthening ( penoscrotal webbing ). With these 2 procedures, on a normal basis, the penis can be advanced with 1-3 cm in a flaccid state and with 40-50% from that length, in erectile state.
      For a normal penis, I would recommend the girth enhancement by lipofilling.
      If the patient wants to have both, regarding his state of the foreskin, I can do them both in the same session, or in 2 stages, performing first de lengthening procedures and then after 6 months, the girth enhancement.

      If you are interested to know more about your situation, you can send us a few pictures as clear as possible with the abdomen, intimate region and the thighs without underwear and some details about your medical history so far.


      Michael Chertif M.D.
      Cosmedica Clinic