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Treatment of erectile dysfunction (P-shot)

Like fat injection, the P-shot technique is part of the concept of regenerative medicine, which basically means that we use our own tissues and their regenerative resources to improve or help heal other tissues. At Cosmedica, I was one of the first in Romania who, since 2010, used blood stem cells – PRP (platelet rich plasma) for facial rejuvenation, through the well-known procedure, vampire facelift. Because this treatment can help any process of inflammation, trauma, burn or any other mechanism that requires healing, we used the injection of stem cells from the blood and for inflammation of the skin, inflammation of the tendons or muscles after their repair or reconstruction, burns, scarring. , hand fractures, etc., in which we observed significantly better results than when we had not used them in the past in other patients. This penis procedure was patented by an American physician named Charles Runels and is approved by many urologists and plastic surgeons around the world for its results.

Ideal candidates

The ideal candidates for P-shot are those who suffer from primary erectile dysfunction or diabetes or prostate surgery, those who have a retraction of the penile aponeurosis as is the case with Peyronie’s disease due to the curvature of the erect penis and which is sometimes extremely disabling, for those who want to increase the size of the penis, for those who want to improve or bring a few spicy drops to the couple’s life or for those who use fat to increase the circumference of the penis and want to increase the retention rate. of fat. As the procedure is very safe, it does not cause any complications due to the fact that its own resources are practically used, and thus the risk of allergic reactions or infections is absent.

If we sit and think, this procedure can be performed in the case of any man or any patient who wants to benefit from a better quality of erections and also from an increased size of the erect corpora cavernosa. Its advantage is that it does not require special conditions to be performed, it is not related to certain chronic treatments administered and the post-procedure risks are negligible.

Before the P-shot procedure

Because it is a relatively simple procedure for an experienced plastic surgeon and also for patients, it does not require special training, except for the specific vacuum pump. I recommend that patients purchase it at least 1 month before the procedure and learn to use it because they will be familiar and it will be easy for them to use it after the procedure. During all this time, I recommend that they use it as much as possible so that the process of expanding the tissue of the corpora cavernosa is as efficient as possible. This strategy actually involves an increase in the matrix of the cavernous muscle tissue so that the stem cells have a place to create new blood vessels. To make a more secular comparison, it is that when you go to the store with a net of a certain size and when you get home, the weight of the content has stretched the structure of the net, so that next time you will be able to fill it more.


P-shot technique

The procedure involves collecting a small amount of blood from your elbow, which I then place in a centrifuge and through a special program, I will get the platelet concentrate.

Platelets or platelets (yellow cells) have the role of stopping bleeding from trauma, whether accidental or caused (surgically). They deal with the first phase of healing, which is hemostasis. They accumulate at the site of bleeding and form a clot, but the magic about them is, in fact, that they have in their constitution some regulatory proteins, which we popularly call stem cells. These regulatory proteins have the role of helping us heal after a procedure or after surgery.

  • TGF-beta- transformation growth factor beta
  • VEGF- vascular endothelial growth factor
  • EGF- endothelial growth factor
  • PDGF- platelet derived growth factor

The procedure, if performed individually, takes about 30 minutes. The period that will actually be necessary for the effect of the anesthetic cream that I always apply before at least 30 minutes is almost the entire duration of the treatment, because the injection of the stem cells itself takes 1-2 minutes. After applying the anesthetic cream, wrap the penis in a foil to promote faster and more efficient absorption of the cream on the skin of the penis. All the while waiting for the anesthetic to take effect, we get blood in 2 counts

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