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Rates for phalloplasty procedures start at:

Thickening with own fat
1300 euro
Dorsal elongation
1500 euro*
Dorsal elongation + ventral elongation
1800 euro*
Thickening with own fat + suprapubic liposuction
1800 euro*
Dorsal elongation + fat thickening
2000 euro
Dorsal elongation + ventral elongation + fat thickening
2200 euro
Dorsal elongation + fat thickening + suprapubic liposuction (special conditions)
2200 euro*
Dorsal elongation + ventral elongation + fat thickening + suprapubic liposuction (special conditions)
2500 euro*
Elongation + thickening with own dermis (circumcision included)
2500 euro*
Cicumcision with all facilities included until healing
de la 1000 euro
Special corset extra to the one offered
100 euro
Accommodation in addition to the period required for the operation (at the request of the patient)
100 euro/zi- care include 3 mese, monitorizare, pansamente, tratamente, servicii
Titanium implants - 1 implant **
500 euro
Titanium implants - 2 implants **
1000 euro
Titanium implants - 3 implants **
1500 euro
General anesthesia
300 euro

Note: The displayed prices do not include VAT.

* These include epidural anesthesia and standard or VIP accommodation

** We recommend titanium implants only to patients with torque problems and who do not have enough fat deposits to be able to perform the lipofilling procedure under normal conditions.

The final cost of the intervention will be established by phone and based on the images sent, or in consultation with Dr. Mihai Chertif. The intervention has all the facilities included.

The type of accommodation can be standard or VIP, 1 or 3 days, with epidural anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s choice.

Circumcision Prices:

from 1000 euro- with all facilities included up to healing

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* Must be completed before surgery

VIP lounges

All VIP lounges require increased comfort being equipped with new furniture, TV, air conditioning adjustable in intensity and temperature, WI-FI internet, beverage coolers, hair dryer, private bathroom. Since patient safety is our priority, the custom-made wooden beds made in Germany by the famous WISSNER-BOSSERHOFF company were chosen for the endowment of the two VIP salons.

Salon VIP Cosmedica
Salon VIP Cosmedica

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