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Thickening of the penis using titanium implants

Titanium implants come as a help among men with a penile hypotrophy (small and thin penis) or simply those who face serious couple problems due to dissatisfaction of the partner during sexual intercourse (due to the size and thickness of the penis).

Over time, this procedure has been intensely requested, and we have been confronted countless times with the situation in which patients have gone to the Cosmedic Clinic to remove improperly implanted implants, in non-sterile environments. The side effects of these unconventional upright implants were inflammatory and infectious.

The Cosmedica medical team boasts a partnership with a company that can offer titanium implants with a certified sterilization guarantee.

Statistically, we have noticed that among our patients, the techniques of inserting these implants have changed for the better the intimate life of many couples, bringing a smile on their face and self-respect for many men.

There are more and more patients who request a phalloplasty procedure in extreme situations, in which the current size of the penis is below the physiological limit and the couple’s problems are very serious, with the risk of leading to separation.

So we decided to improve the penis thickening operation (elongation and thickening) with titanium implants.

Impkanturi titan penis

Useful questions from men who have titanium implants

Here are some helpful questions to answer that may be of interest to you:

What type of anesthesia is required?

Anesthesia can be local with sedation (rarely chosen by patients), spinal or epidural with sedation, or general anesthesia. Patients often choose general anesthesia.

How long does the intervention take?

The implant insertion procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

How long can I leave the clinic? How long will it take to be absent from work?

After the operation, you can leave the clinic on the same day or the next day.

What is recovery?

Although you will not need to be hospitalized immediately after surgery, you will need a dressing and inspection regimen every 2 days until the sutures are removed every 14 days.

How will I do my personal hygiene during recovery?

Showers can be done using a neutral pH soap, without traumatizing the area in any way.

Is drug treatment recommended immediately after surgery?

It is usually recommended to use a general antibiotic treatment and a local anti-inflammatory or antibiotic cream for 5-7 days.

When can I resume my sexual activities?

Sexual activities can be resumed after at least 4 weeks.

Price for titanium implant procedure

Cost of titanium implant procedure: from 400 euros (this rate includes epidural anesthesia and standard accommodation conditions – 4 stars)

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