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Gentlemen, now you know where you place a dinner in a fancy restaurant.

“Do you prefer an elegant dinner or having sex with your partner?”

Over 6000 women were in demand: “would you prefer an elegant dinner or having sex with your partner?”

“I choose dinner” responded 2 out of 5 women in the question above, according to a recent study conducted by advertising company Havas WorldWide and global market research company Market Probe International.

The survey was done on 12,000 people worldwide, and about half of men and women interviewed said that the pleasure of eating is similar to them with pleasure of having sex.

To force a little note, the researchers asked the subjects what would choose (hypothetically) between sex and an excellent dinner at a restaurant. Having this option, 42% of women have chosen dinner. Surprisingly it was like 26% of men who have chosen dinner against sex.

These figures have not shocked instead Nicole Prause, founder of Liberos, a company that investigates sexual behavior and biotechnology, in Los Angeles.

She holds that sexual intercourse is like sport for womens, requiring energy like walking to the gym. A meal in a fancy restaurant, in contrast, is not so demanding for them.

However do you know that is the biggest enemy of sex?

Fatigue, says specialist. So all the above logic, sex requires considerable physical effort, such as both men and women might prefer to do something else.

Other research suggests that women who orgasm regularly are much more satisfied of their sex life. So if you want that beloved/your wife/girlfriend choose a sex with you and leave it at a dinner party, you expect the Cosmedica Clinic for penis enlargement and thickening, titanium implants and other procedures designed to spice up your sex life and your partner’s too.

What is the degree of satisfaction of patients who choose phalloplasty?

Latest study conducted in Cosmedica Clinic on a sample of 100 patients, shows us a degree of 94% satisfaction, both due to elongation and procedure of thickening.

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