Phalloplasty FAQ

What is phalloplasty?
Phalloplasty surgery or penis enlargement surgery is a procedure in the field of plastic surgery. It is not a functional intervention. It can improve the appearance of the penis by an increase in size, length and girth.

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What is the recovery period after the surgery?

If both procedures are performed, elongation and thickening as well, post-surgery you will have to take a break for 7 days off sport activities and at least 4 weeks without any sexual contact.Considering the fact that there will be advancing cavernous followed by blocking retraction suspensor ligament to bins bone

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What is the degree of patient satisfaction?

Last statistical study conducted on a sample of 100 patients from Cosmedica Clinic, showed a satisfaction rate of 94%, from both the elongation and thickening procedures. These successful results are due to the highly effective technique used, but especially due to the way we adapt the technique to each patient.

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