Month: January 2017

ingrijirea penisului

Phalloplasty or Penoplasty procedures

Even if aesthetic surgery began with procedures that involved the appearance and beauty of women, procedures which could and can be done on men should not be forgotten. The world is changing and people are changing too.

In our clinic, since 2002, most of the aesthetic surgery procedures were performed on women and a few of them on men, but beginning with 2011, since we started to develop first in Romania the phalloplasty procedures, men began to be very interested in them and now, after more than 5 years, phalloplasty is the most requested surgery at Cosmedica. Men all over the country and Europe want to know more about the possibility of gaining as much as they can from the lengthening and thickening procedures. If women were everytime concerned about the size and projection of their breasts, now, men want to change the appearance of their penises.

Penile Lengthening

Physiologically an erectile penis is between 11 and 17 cm, and this is because a woman’s vagina has the same length.

Penoplasty procedure means first that the patient has to be a good candidate, because this is an aesthetic surgery , not a functional one. Any sexual performances can’t be augmented or abolished.

A man can have normal and physiological dimensions regarding length and width, but can experience some couple difficulties if his partner is uncompatible with these dimensions, weather because she gave birth and there was an episiotomy involved along the way, or because her vagina congenitally has a great laxity and its dimensions are much higher than her partner’s penis.

Normally this can be an example of why patients seek our help, or another, because they just want to gain as much as possible.

There is the “locker room syndrome” which can be applied to those that have a small penis in flaccid state and they can get embarrased when they have to undress themselves when they go to a gym or a swimming pool. Then, there can be those that when they found themselves on a beach and the penis is relaxed, people, especially women would notice that they have almost nothing in their’s swimming suits.

ingrijirea penisului

As we mentioned above, phalloplasty procedures must be done to these patients that seek to change their penis appearance or have some couple issues that can be resolved in this way.

There is the BDD condition – body dismorphic disorder, which means that the patient looks, analyzes and measures his penis 20-30 times a day and thinks that the surgery can provide at least 5 cm or if he wants, the surgeon can obtain maybe even 10 cm, because this is something normal and can be done. This condition is a contraindication for the penoplasty procedure.

Phalloplasty is an aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedure that began to gain a lot in the last years.

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