Fees for various procedures depend on the extent of work involved, the time required, and whether or not any special instruments or tools are necessary. Fees quoted in our clinic represent the total amount (including the surgical fees, anesthesia, nursing, medications, etc.)


Our Institution

Consultations, surgical operations and post-operative assessments are performed at Cosmedica Clinic, Baia Mare, Transylvania, 52 George Cosbuc street.

Our institution was set up in 2002 for a specific aim: to guarantee the most absolute privacy and to personally handle the patient in every phase of his stay in our centre. In fact check-ups and surgery of the intimate regions of our body particularly involve our emotive sphere and need privacy and assistance different from that which can be given in a big Nursing Home furnished with many hospital beds and a continuous turnover of patients and personnel.

The Clinic is composed of a surgical unit with 20 beds, where male and female sex design operations are performed along other many aesthetic surgeries, like breast, body and face. The intimate surgeries like phalloplasty have 2 top rooms for postoperative stay for the patient, with specific personnel. The operating theatre is authorised to perform operations under general anaesthetic. The surgical block is perfectly kitted and furnished with beds for post-operative monitoring.


The total cost of genital aesthetic-plastic surgery is made up of the sum of a series of items which comprise of the surgical fee, the assistance and assistants, cost of the anesthesia service, materials used and extras, the cost of the operating theater and hospitalization in the surgical unit. All these items have a cost and if we want to operate in a center that safeguards security and sterility we have to consider them:

– for laser Phalloplasty (dorsal and ventral lengthening procedure) only, the price including each items, starts from 1500 euros
– for penis enlargement (girth enhancement) only (combined lipopenostructure), the price starts from 1200 euro

– for dorsal and ventral lengthening with girth enhancement at same time (penile lengthening and girth augmentation with fat) the total amount,  starts from 2000 euros
– for both procedures at the same time (penile lengthening and girth augmentation with
autologous dermal grafts), the total amount, all inclusive, starts from 4000 euros with general anaesthesia

Standardly, the prices mentioned include epidural anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with deep sedation and normal accommodation conditions. Above those, the patient can choose general anaesthesia for a higher comfort during surgery and VIP accommodation conditions which means he will be alone in the room with extra facilities.

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