marimea penisului evolutia

How important is penis size for women

If she will ever say that your "Endowment" is his King Kong size, try to not take it at all as a rating (see below why).  After all, we are much better equipped than primates to which they sometimes do.

In fact, the measure of an adult male gorillas penis is only around 3, 8 cm (erect). Chimpanzees, the closest relatives of ours, revolve more around 7, 6 cm, but are obscured by our average size erection in between 12-17 cm. Sure, 7 millions of years of evolution separating us from monkeys. . . so let's see how things stand at present.

The general theory is that girls simply prefer a well-endowed guy.

Studies on penis size and its importance among women

In an australian study, researchers presented 2013 women's images of men with various different types of penis (flaccid variant). It has been proven that ladies better evaluate better endowed men.

"Before we start to wear clothes, this was a simple way for women to judge the attractiveness of a man," says Brian Mautz, author of the study.

The question that arises is, why women of those periods, they chose as their partners from among those equipped with a bigger penis.  Although the study subjects were considered a bigger penis as being more attractive, on average, there are women who have no preference. You agree to consider exceptions on these women, huh?

The australian study found that having large shoulders and represents an indicator of attractiveness to women. It is possible that women just prefer guys with altetice construction and a well proportioned penis in this posture, comes as an element that you can not miss.
Another reason might be that a bigger penis help women reach orgasm vaginally, unlike a clitoral orgasm level.

penis size evolution

Scottish researchers have conducted a survey on 300 women, and found that about half have experienced vaginal Orgasms in a month.
That was the idea? Ladies who appreciate men with a larger penis than average, have had several orgasms last month, from ladies who have had other positive reviews.
Here is so that two studies strengthens the conviction that the length and thickness of the penis, "give the tune" a vaginal orgasm as a la carte.

We are positive that the length is important. But gentlemen, let us not underrate the thickness!
90% of women from a study at the University of Texas said that the thickness of the penis is more important, when they discussed their sexual satisfaction. penis enlargement-penis-//


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