In a world of big and fast cars, fancy jobs, big hotels, private planes and big and luxurious yachts, the question wheather everything is good to be big doesn’t yet finds its purpose.

Men are very competitive when it comes to the ability of being very good in bed and they consistently try to find new methods and new ways to increase the quality of the sexual intercourse.

penile lengthening penis size matterSo, there comes the question: Does the size matter? Our answer is YES, but you’ll be very surprised to see for whom.

Most of the single men without a stable relationship seek to demonstrate when they are in bed with a female that sex is like an olympic probe where they have to end up as being in the first place, even beating the world record if it’s possible. For this, they try the impossible. I think we all agree that for example, the height is not always the major factor for being one of the top basketball players or that having a huge biceps muscle will not ensure that you can lift something very heavy. We think that we don’t have to be very equipped down there in order to be very good in bed with our partners.

penis-enlargement-size-does-matter (1)

Regarding this, we want to emphasize that these procedures are not for everyone and that we choose very careful our patients when they seek this procedures.
We like to know the real reason for which our patients need this surgery. There are many physical and psychological implications, because this surgery has to be very well understood by the patient.
There are those who have intimate sexual issues with their spouses or partners and they are the ones that we try to obtain for as much as we can with this surgery. Then, there are those that suffer from the “locker room syndrome”, which means they are embarassed of getting undressed in a locker room of a gym or a swimming pool because their penis is very small and thin. Then, there are those that psychologically want to feel more manly by having a penis that they see everyday that is bigger in length and girth that it was before, because in this way they feel overconfident.

The so-called BDD- body dismorphic condition is a psychiatric disorder where men look in the mirror at least 20-30 times a day and they want this surgery because they think it can provide a minimum of 5-8 cm or even more than 10cm, a thing that is not possible.

Nowadays it is possible to surgically increase the length and girth of the penis with minimally invasive, standardized techniques. The number of patients is growing each day.

In order to obtain the desired result, the following procedures are available:

• Laser division by Ellman 4.0MhZ radiofrequency device of the suspensory ligament
• Suprapubic cutaneous laser-plastic surgery (V-Y flap surgery)
• Suprapubic liposculpture (suprapubic lipectomy) using Water Jet assisted Liposuction by BodyJet Evo
• Penoscrotal cutaneous plastic surgery – (scrotal webbing)- deepening of the scrotum in order to reveal the radix of the ventral cavernosum bodies
• Combined lipo-sculpture of the penis (girth enhancement)

Penile Lengthening procedure
Fig 1 • Penile lengthening using (a) cutting of the suspensory ligament and (b) a V-Y suprapubic skin advancement technique

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