Girth Enhancement

Suprapubic Lipectomy

In men with an aboundant suprapubic fat pad the penis usually looks shorter than it really is. This condition affects overweight (“hidden/buried penis”) but also normal – or even under-weight subjects, and is associated with individual patterns of fat deposit. The suprapubic liposculpture (suprapubic lipectomy) is the procedure of choice.

Suprapubic LipectomyThe excess adipose tissue is removed through very thin cannulae, with the help of the Body Jet Evo water jet assisted liposuction device. The continuous water jet spray through the cannulae helps for the fat to be harvested more easily and also helps not to damage a lot the suprapubic region. Normally we don’t intend to use the fat from the suprapubic region because of its consistency, but there are some patients which present a good condition of this fat, so in that cases we use it with no problems during time.

The result of the procedure is the flattening of the suprapubic area, which in turn results in a visual increment of the penile length-even though the penis is not directly involved in the procedure.

Complications: seroma formation, infection

Girth Enhancement with fat

The procedure consists of three phases:

#1 Fat Harvesting
Adipose tissue is harvested from the suprapubic area or from the abdomen and/or hips/thighs, using very thin, blunt-tip cannulae by water jet assisted liposuction with the Body Jet Evo.

#2 Fat Treatment
Harvested fat is purified by centrifugation (Coleman technique) in order to eliminate blood, oil and
infiltration materials and drastically reduce the risk of fat loss after graft.

#3 Uniform grafting of the adipose cells into the dartos fascia through minuscule incisions at the base of the penis. Hair regrowth will ensure that incisions be invisible.

man penis Girth Enhancement with fat

We are members of the ISPRES (International Society of Plastic Regenerative Aesthetic Surgery) and
leading experts in our country in concerning the manipulation, processing and re-injection of fat, so we
want to teach our patients about this process:

– the fat has to be obtained via a little or non-traumatic process of liposuction (the Body-Jet is a device specifically made not to traumatise the fatty tissue)
– the cannulas have to be with many holes and big enough in diameter as for the fat to be taken easily
– the pressure has to be with very low intensity
– no vibrations are allowed
– the Coleman technique ensures that the centrifugation is just to separate the non-utilising components (blood, oil, water) and not to damage the adipocites
– the injection process has to be made in a well vascularised plane , with proper cannulas and as low as possible pressure, obtained with a maximum 3 ml seringe.
– these exact steps are very important because the fat obtained is not a vascularised tissue, and by this way, we want to seed the fat exactly as when we want to seed some flowers
– of course that not the whole amount of injected fat will survive because the blood vessels from the tissue where we injected it will be able to feed it, so in this way there will be a 30-50% that will be lost
– NOT TO WORRY, because our procedure and experience assures at least 50% of fat integration, which is a lot for a penis because the results will show the patient that the penis is thicker , or more thicker that it was preoperatively. These results will be obtained after 6 months, and they will persist indefinetly if the patient doesn’t get through an extreme diet programme or through a big stressful period in his life.

Regarding this, a few patients may require a touch-up, which can be carried out at special conditions using the same procedure after at least 6 months after the procedure.

Complications: infection, haematoma formation, nodules, assymetry

Girth enhancement with autologous dermal grafts

The dermal grafts are harvested through an incision in the infragluteal crease, bilaterally. The grafts are
prepared by defattization and antibiotic washing process and then they can be inserted under the
Dartos fascia over the Buck’s fascia (deep fascia over the cavernosum bodies) and suspensed at the base
of the coronal sulcus and the base of the penis over the pubic bone with absorbable sutures. Regarding
the patient’s needs, they can be put like a fascia or folded to each other in order to obtain the best girth

After the revascularisation of the autologous dermal grafts is finished they will be part of the erection process of the cavernosum bodies, acting just like another cavernosum body. The penile girth will be very consistent in erection.


The form of anaesthesia used is discussed in advance with the anaesthesiology team, who will consider the duration of the operation, the characteristics of the patient, the results of blood and instrumental tests required and last but not least the preferences of the patient himself.

The anaesthesiology team is adequately trained to provide the necessary pre and post- surgical assistance and is capable of using every modern anaesthe- siology technique specific for each operation performed. This task is performed through the application of rigorous principles of “painless surgery”, which allows the patient to serenely endure the wait, the surgical part and the postoperative course, drastically eliminating or reducing the perception of pain, which is always a typical source of anguish.

Normally, the procedure is made under epidural anaesthesia combined with superficial sedation, with the maximum comfort obtained. Other types of anaesthesia are made by general anaesthesia or deep sedation combined with local anaesthesia.

Complications: infection, seroma formation, prolonged liquid evacuation from the normal fat necrosis
process, bad scarring.

Postoperative period

All Designer Laser Phalloplasty procedures are fast recovery procedures, with discharge within the next day from the surgery. For all our patients who come from out of Baia Mare, who are the majority, it would be rather uncomfortable, other than being not advisable, to undertake a long trip on the same day of the operation. We advise everypatient that is mandatory that the first 3-4 days they should rest in bed, with no effort whatsoever.

For this reason, our Clinic offers the option of booking single or double rooms in good quality hotels close by, in order to rest and then undertake the return journey on the following day after after undergoing a check-up at the surgical unit. Some of our patients want to be spoiled and because of this, we can offer that this 3-4 days stay after surgery to be in our clinic at a special rate. In this way the patients receive all the treatment and care and are also under the supervision of the doctor. The services of accomodation, food, internet etc are excellent. It is possible to obtain a hotel booking service through the Clinic secretary. Get all the information from our personnel, who aside being extraordinarily efficient is also exquisitely polite!


  • Denis o sullivan

    Hi I am wondering about getting a penis length and the best girth enhancement procedure to get both together and the price please

    • cosmedicafaloplastie

      Hello Mr. O’Sullivan,

      Thanks a lot for your message.

      To be able to provide you more informationa about your situation and what we recommend, we would kindly ask you to provide us a few as clear as possible pictures from the front and lateral sides with the abdomen and thighs and with no underwear on.
      After we evaluate it, we will reply with our suggestion.


      Michael Chertif MD
      Plastic Surgery Center Cosmedica
      Baia Mare

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