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Penile augmentation by girth enhancement using no surgery

The procedure means creating 2 small puncture entries near the zone that has the fat deposits that we think to harvest.

We start by infiltrating the areas and then proceed to suction using the Body-Jet Evo machine which is a tremendous help in this case. The fat is first infiltrated with a special solution and then when we proceed to suctioning phase , the cannula is able to spray the solution so that the tissue is no traumatised. More than that the fat is filtrated before it reaches the bottom of the lipocollector, after which we do another separation of the components by centrifugation using the Coleman technique. Normally, we need no more than 150 ml of fat, which after the centrifugation can become approximately 80-90 ml of pure fat. The areas that we want to harvest are the inner and anterior thighs, the flanks, the anterior abdomen and the lumbar regions.

We try to estimate the quality of the fat because this is one of the most important criterias. Usually if the fat is fluffy the rate of intake si considered to be higher. Next, the injection has to be made with specific cannulas , no greater than 2mm in diameter. It has to be made in the subcutaneous and subfascial layers.


By our technique, at 6 months, we obtained approximately 55-75% fat graft intake, which is in our opinion a more than great result, because in these cases, patients don’t need any other touch up. The graft intake depends on many other parameters beside the ones we can control by the procedure itself. These are related to smoking, stress, any drug abuse or specific medication, chronic diseases, compression and other.

All our patients are aware of the fact that if they consider, the procedure can be repeated, but no sooner than 6 months.

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What are the normal penis dimensions?

There was always a huge debate on what are the normal penis dimensions and when a guy can say that he has a normal penis or a smaller one. Everyone should know and understand that a penis in erectile state is in between 12 and 17 cm.

It doesn’t matter that sometimes you can see in a gym or swimming pool locker-room a guy who has a very small penis because when it gets into erectile state it can become huge. This is something normal because of the disposition and conformation of the cavernosum bodies. There are guys that when the penis is relaxed it has much bigger dimensions when comparing to other guy’s relaxed penis, but when it changes into erectile state, the difference between these is not so obvious. In the same time, a penis which is very short in a flaccid state can become enormous into an erectile state.

penis size

There are situations in which a penis is more long than it’s thick and viceversa.
As long as the length in erectile state starts from 12 cm and the girth starts from 8, we have to do with a normal penis.
There is the so-called “locker room syndrome” which means that a guy is ashamed of his penis when he needs to undress or take a shower in a locker room because the penis in a flaccid state is very small. Another situation is when he’s at the beach and there seems to be nothing in his bathing suit. In these situations, just a girth enhancement can solve the problem easily, with no surgery.

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