Why man consider having a penile augmentation

As an important area of penis surgeries, remarkable progress has been made in regard to the surgical technologies for penile augmentation operation in parallel with men’s attention and desire to have bigger penis as well as corresponding medical demands.

Penile Augmentation for psychological, physical and social satisfaction

The primary objective of penile augmentation procedure is to achieve psychological satisfaction by showing off their bigger penis rather than functional augmentation when erected. Therefore patients with normal size of penis who want to undergo the operation may be considered on the same level with female patients who want to have plastic surgeries to have a pretty face and skin or bigger breasts.

penile augmentation men

Many patients visit urological clinics for penile augmentation to determine whether to have small penis or be in the category of penile hypoplasia thus experiencing psychological distress. Of these cases, many patients have distressed with their small penis more than several years which lead to further serious situation hereby making them impossible to go through not only their normal sex life but also normal family/social life. These mental statuses may be treated firstly via psychological evaluation treatments, but penile augmentation procedure may give a chance to overcome mild mental disability, ultimately.

Eligible patients for penile augmentation

So far, there is no clear selection criterion for penile augmentation; in literature, it is obvious to perform the surgery under strict and rigorous legal, ethical and medical standards. Thus, in advance to determine, proper evaluation and treatments of disorders should be preceded. To take an example, male hormone supplementation therapy should be considered for patients who have hypogonadism as a caudal disorder prior to penile augmentation. When it comes to selection of eligible patients, a question might be posed if a patient determines to undergo penile augmentation procedure based on his subjective standards or judgment even though the size of his penis is in the normal range; medically speaking, it is unclear if he should be included in the range of penile augmentation. Thus, thorough counseling must be provided for patients in advance prior to performing the operation in order to lower the expectation threshold and to explain exact surgical approaches and potential consequence of the surgery. The operation should not be performed in cases where patients exhibit excessive sexual vanity, severe obsessive-compulsive personality, apparent psychosis, promiscuous sex life, and unrevised penile deformity and underage.

Large penises linked to self-esteem

Throughout history, penis has defined masculinity and power. The penis is the very embodiment of a man’s ego. But as man in competitive creature, almost every man seems to envy someone else’s penis. Large penis is a source of pride and satisfaction, and small or short penis is more humiliating than short stature or baldness. Usually, men want their penises to be bigger, not to increase sexual satisfaction but to feel superior to others.

Because the penis is a genital organ, discussion about this organ has been deemed taboo, or socially unacceptable in many cultures. The average erect penis size is known to be between 11 and 17 cm in length and 9 cm in girth when flaccid. The perception of having a large penis is often linked to higher self-esteem. Many of those with average-sized penises believe that their penises are actually small. Man usually underestimates the size of his own penises compared to that of others as this organ does look smaller especially when he looks down at his penis.

Types of human penises

There are 2 different types of human penises. The first type is called a “grower”, and it expands and lengthens when erects. The second, the “shower”, that looks large most of the time, but does not get much bigger during erection. About 80% of men have “growers” and 20% have “showers”. It should be noted that a man who has a small, flaccid penis might have a surprisingly large erection. Conversely, a penis that is large when flaccid might not get significantly larger when erected.

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